Friday, March 28, 2008

A Larger Buffet

As the weather warms, it becomes time to add more feeders to my backyard array. This week I added a trio of basic niger seed (thistle) feeders; simple tubes with single perches on each. I have them positioned near a pair of good observation windows, since the finches who patronize them tend to be smaller birds as well as a bit more shy, at least at first. Last year both pine siskins and house finches made use of the single tube feeder, often fighting for space. Thus, the expansion to three feeders.

While the siskins haven't appeared in the backyard yet -- I have seen them at a nearby park -- the finches are here daily. They don't seem to have sampled the new feeders as of yet, but that may be due to size. House finches are a shade too large for these tube feeders, and they go through considerable acrobatics to help themselves to the delicacies within. If they haven't yet discovered how tasty this seed can be, they may not be as interested. Furthermore, I wasn't offering as high a concentration of black oil sunflower seeds last year, and that may be more of a favorite choice.

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