Sunday, May 4, 2008

Memorial, Revisited

Sadly, another tragedy has struck, this time the victim being a male house finch who, in a fit of aggressive pique and fluttering, struck the patio doors not hard, but at such an angle as to cause devastating injury. A brief flurry ensued and a moment later, he was flying without wings.

It is a sad moment but serves to demonstrate the absolute necessity for protective measures. I have investigated different options and will be taking the strongest possible steps this week. As more birds are attracted to the bounty of my back yard buffet, it is apparent that this may become more of a concern and necessary measures must be taken. When the landscaping is resolved feeders will be slightly better positioned (they are already close to optimal), but in the meantime the windows must be concealed.

Until the protective films can be applied, I've positioned chairs immediately inside the glass doors to help disrupt the reflections that may cost more precious birds their lives. While this is not an ideal solution, any small assitance may save a bird, making it more than worthwhile.

Fly free, little finch.