Friday, September 12, 2008

Hawk Revealed

Thanks to generous assistance both from CapeCodAlan and now Bill Fenimore, a well-respected Utah birder and owner of the Wild Bird store in Layton, my accipiter visitor has been throughly identified as a sharp shinned hawk. Some tidbits about this graceful bird of prey:
  • They feed by catching other birds on the wing.
  • They have quite thin legs, sometimes described as "pencil thin."
  • While they do migrate in other states, they are year-round residents in Utah.
  • They are the smallest of the accipiter family.
  • Their rounded wings and long tail make them extremely agile.

I hope to see him again soon, now that I know well what details to check, and with camera in hand to capture his poise and beauty. He's a rare treat, all the better for familiarity.

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