Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Marching On With a New Poll

Last month's poll, "How many feeders are in your backyard?" was the most popular yet, with more than 20 votes. Nearly one third of readers have 3-5 feeders in their yard, which can be a delightful feeding station for backyard birds. I envy the three participants with more than 10 feeders -- what a wonderful diversity of choices for the birds! As for the three voters with none, spring is a great time to add a new feeder, so pick up a small one and try it out! I will be adding more feeders in the next few weeks and swapping out my junkier winter feeders for larger spring and summer models that can hold more seed and offer more ports for birds to choose from. What will you be doing to be sure your birds have a grand buffet?

This month's poll is also close to my heart and to my backyard. If money, time, and effort were no barriers, what one thing would you most want to change about your backyard? Eventually, I will do it all through the different landscaping projects we have planned, but this year's focus is to reduce the grass, thereby prepping the flowerbed areas and borders for more plants (or any plants, rather) that will attract the birds. There may be a little planting as well, but likely nothing major this year. What about you? Vote today!

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