Friday, November 12, 2010

Time for Tracy

Living in Utah, I'm fortunate to be near to one of the best (and one of the few) freestanding aviaries in the country - Tracy Aviary. Several weeks ago we joined as members of Tracy Aviary, and have visited several times since. While it's not the same as one's backyard and I'd never count the captive birds on any sort of list, it is still an amazing facility and well worth visiting.

There is a diverse group of birds that call the aviary home, and among my favorites are the saffron finch, the laughing kookaburras, and the white-faced whistling-ducks. I also greatly enjoy feeding the waterfowl; healthy pellets are dispensed from machines for a mere quarter. During my most recent visit just last week, the hooded mergansers were particularly aggressive in feeding and a joy to watch as they dove literally under my feet as I tossed pellets from a footbridge near the aviary's entrance. The visit previously, I hand-fed the Canada goose and tossed pellets to one of my favorite waterfowl, the bar-headed goose.

If you haven't been to Tracy Aviary, you're missing out. While I wouldn't call it birding per se, it is a wonderful bird experience to enjoy, and a great facility to support. Admission is inexpensive (under $10), and there are frequent special deals and discount offers. What are you waiting for? Make Tracy Aviary and honorary part of your backyard birding!

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Jen said...

Wow that sounds like a cool place to visit... I'm happy to see birds just about anywhere (even if I can't "count" them)...