Saturday, January 29, 2011


I generally don't pay attention to awards in the so-called blogosphere, as many of them are tacky gimmicks designed to do nothing more than to garner a few more visitors to the awarding website rather than the blogs supposedly awarded. This week, however, Backyard Birds Utah was included on what I truly believe to be an impressive list - 30 Terrific Bird Blogs - hand-picked and assembled by Guide to Online Schools.

Still a pessimist, I did check out the list, and was amazed by what I found. Not only are several birding blogs I myself follow included in this ranking, but there are a wide range of hidden gems that I could easily spend all day reading. I've been meaning more and more to get involved with other birding blogs - birders are a gregarious group and do tend to flock together - and this list is a key starting point that I highly recommend for all who enjoy bird blogs.

Just make sure you keep coming back to #10!

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