Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Flick and Flack

While I'm still adjusting to the new house and yard, it is always sheer joy to see a new bird species visit. Earlier this month I had a special visit from a pair of northern flickers (red-shafted as they are in the west), and these large woodpeckers spent quite some time foraging around a series of decaying stumps near the back fence. They would peck around the ground, cling to the sides of the stumps, and perch on top while looking for the next morsel.

At this point, I don't have many woodpecker-friendly features in the backyard, but soon enough the suet feeder will be out for them to enjoy. In the meantime, the flickers - now at least three - have visited several times and seem quite content to have a browse along and beneath our honey locust trees. Once or twice I've also spotted a downy woodpecker in the vicinity, and I hope he sticks around as well. I might only get a quick flick of a view, but the woodpeckers are always welcome.

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Cynthia White said...

Always enjoy the Flickers (red-shafted)that visit the suet feeders here too :)

Elizabeth said...

I went to Denver, CO last weekend and was amazed by how many flickers they have. I saw pigeons, Canada Geese, crows and dozens of flickers - no other birds. I even got a picture of one from five feet away standing on the ground.

Jessica said...

I have had one of these rapping at my brick house the past few weeks. Took me awhile to figure out what it was.