Monday, November 21, 2011

Golden Days

These are the golden days of autumn, and while much of Utah's migration has concluded, the birds that remain are gilded in fantastic light and beauty. I saw this firsthand a couple of weeks ago when we visited a local park that is home to a generous flock of ducks, including mallards and a wide range of hybrids. Just at the right time of evening, the setting sun washed over the pond, and even those very common, very ordinary birds can be extraordinary.

Too often we overlook the birds we see everyday in favor of finding something new, exotic, rare, vagrant, or otherwise "special" and we fail to see what is special about the birds we already know well as they blend into the background of our birding consciousness. Every bird has its own personality and uniqueness, and as we observe them closely in every season, we learn their quirks and what makes them stand out even in the largest flock.

As birders, if we can appreciate these golden days of autumn and the beauty of all our birds, we will have an even richer connection to every feather.

Make the most of autumn with these fall birding tips!

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