Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Snow and Snowbirds

It's an event I've been looking forward to for months - the first snow, and the first snowbirds. Sure enough, with the snowstorm we had over the weekend, the dark-eyed juncos descended on my feeders in flitty flocks. While some areas are fortunate to have these small sparrows year-round, they are absent from much of Utah in spring, summer and fall, with the exception of one subspecies that has never yet found my yard to its liking. Fortunately, the more common Oregon subspecies appreciates my birdscaping efforts and is happy to spend the winter enjoying my buffet.

The weather may be cooling and migration is all but over, but there is still plenty of wonderful birding about if you appreciate the birds winter brings flying in! I hope just as many welcome visitors join in your backyard flock no matter how frozen the days may become.

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