Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ringing the Birdie Bell

We all have that one bird feeder we love; it might not be the most attractive, or the most popular, but it is just our favorite to watch. For me, it is my Birdie Bell, and it has hosted a wide range of species over the years. Most recently, a female downy woodpecker has discovered the molded seed bells it holds and practices her best impression of a bell clapper to munch.

Other birds that have enjoyed the musical treats of the bell include...
 At times, more than one species will be busy on the bell, despite its smaller size, and they typically get along well as they wriggle into a good position to nick a seed or two. From my perspective, it is always entertaining to watch as a bird clings to the side and stretches to reach the seed, and some birds have cleverly figured out how to get inside the feeder and will perch as if in a jail cell while they enjoy a "last meal" easily and conveniently. Of course, escape is no problem!

It is harder to get out into the field in the winter, and this is the time of year when our feeders may provide most of our birding enjoyment. I hope you have a feeder to enjoy just as much as I enjoy this one!

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