Saturday, April 20, 2013

Undecided Spring

Spring weather can never seem to make up its mind in Utah; a couple of weeks ago we had as balmy and sunny a day as any ideal spring, yet a week later we woke up to two inches of heavy, wet snow on lawns that should have needed mowing. One day the sunny warmth encourages singing birds and blooming flowers, the next a bitter wind is racing down the canyons and encouraging warm comfort foods and blazing fireplaces.

Still, spring is clearly on the way, and the birds know it. Up early each morning, I hear the dawn chorus in fully harmony, and everywhere I look in the neighborhood American robins are busy seeking worms and chasing away intruders. The local killdeer are bobbing in their usual field and calling agitatedly as they fly over the neighborhood, and the black-capped chickadees are sounding off from every tree. But I'm undecided myself - great changes are coming, I hope, but change is frightening. In that, birds are both lucky and unlucky - they adapt well to the seasonal changes, but they adapt because their very survival depends on it and they have no other choice. When we choose the changes in our lives, we are beset with indecision, fear, anxiety, and second-guessing. Yet, like the birds, our very survival depends on change and adaptation.

Embrace the spring, the highs and lows it brings to you, and the life you'd never live without it.

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