Monday, February 18, 2008

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Today I reported my findings for The Great Backyard Bird Count, an annual event to catalog birds through the combined efforts of thousands of birders around the country. My results were less impressive than I'd hoped, though I have submitted three checklists - one for my own backyard, and two for separate walks through lovely trails a few miles from home. All in all, not bad for my first year participating in the Count. My results (positively identified) are:
  • 15 Mallard Ducks
  • 1 Black Billed Magpie
  • 5 Dark Eyed Juncos
  • 8 California Quail
  • 2 Eurasian Collared Doves
  • 2 House Finches

Perhaps next year, when there is more to attract feathers to my yard, there will be more birds on the annual checklist and I'll be more experienced in identifying them so I can include every species I see. I also hope to spend all weekend next year traveling to other areas to document the birds to help the count be even more valuable and accurate.

If you've counted birds in your backyard, you have until March 1 to submit your checklists, so don't delay!

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