Saturday, October 25, 2008


There can be no clearer indication of the change of seasons than when, in the early morning hours that have previously been filled with avian activity, your backyard is met with silence and the chill of a frozen birdbath. Several days this week froze the pedestal birdbath, though the ground bath remains fluid despite its shallower basin, all due to the unique properties of thermal conduction of the air versus the ground.

There are heated birdbaths available, either fully heated models or heater attachments for standard baths, and I will be investing in one shortly. That will give birds easy access to fluid water throughout the season, and hopefully will keep tempting them to return to the backyard even when the weather is dismal. Thus far the brush pile seems to be a preferred shelter, situated as it is in a quiet, hidden corner sheltered by the house and fence from fiercer winds. There will always be food available, and if water can be added to the menu even during the coldest of days, perhaps the backyard birding this winter will be just as intriguing as it is during the warmest of weather.

Only a few days left to vote in the October poll - What feeder(s) do you use?


Anonymous said...

There has been a sheen of ice on my bath too. Time to get out the extension cord, wrap electric tape around the join and plug it in. I have been using an electric birdbath for probably 5-6 years now. Works great! Bev

Melissa said...

Thanks Bev, it's good to know that it will be a good investment for my backyard birds!