Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Poll - Life Lists

The October poll -- "What type of feeder(s) do you use?" -- has closed, and the results are in. The most popular feeder used by Backyard Birds Utah visitors is a tube feeder (83 percent), followed by a nectar feeder (66 percent). These are not surprising statistics, as tube feeders attract goldfinches and other small songbirds while nectar feeders are used primarily for hummingbirds and occasionally for orioles. All of these bird species are extremely colorful and attractive, making them some of the most coveted backyard visitors.

November's poll is about life lists, as in, how many birds are currently on your list? Not all birders keep a tally of the species they have seen, and it is something I have only recently begun to track myself. While I've seen dozens more than the 44 birds that are currently on my list, I am very meticulous about being positive of my identification before adding another bird to the total. How about you? Start counting, and vote today! For those of you with exceptional lists (or anyone interested in sharing), comments are always welcome!

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Ryan O'Donnell said...

I started the year with just under 400. I've done a lot of travelling and a lot of birding this year, and I'm now at 448. I've got a trip to South America planned for December, so I should be able to hit 500 by the end of the year!