Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Pruny Project

Even before the last leaves have fallen and despite the warm temperatures of the past few days, it is time to prune back unruly trees so the coming winter's weight of ice and snow does not endanger a roof, street, or pedestrian. Instead of letting the clippings -- some of which were substantial from the quaking aspens in the front yard -- go to waste, I added a lengthy section to my backyard brush pile in the hopes of providing tempting winter shelter to our backyard birds.

Already, the new pile is a success and has been frequented by both house sparrows and house finches. Not too many other species are currently enjoying the backyard buffet as the nights grow longer and chillier, but hopefully this new shelter will entice more visitors to linger. Throughout even the coldest of winter days, the feeders will remain filled and the seed abundant, so I hope the short days will not be long with loneliness.

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