Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gifts for Birders

This year, my holiday wish list is filled with bird-related items, from new, high-quality tube feeders to a beautiful stained glass with songbirds to a whimsical wild bird crossing sign to specialized field guides. But I've not forgotten the backyard birds as well; quality seed mixes, nesting material, and a new feeder setup are highly desired, though I'm sure at least the house sparrows and house finches would be thrilled with a few more branches to add to their brush pile. I may just be able to find that, particularly as the neighborhood begins discarding cut Christmas trees in a few weeks.

When you are shopping this season, don't forget your backyard guests. Many pet stores and bird supply stores offer seasonal seed bells and wreaths, suet stockings, and other fun and tasty gifts for birds. Add a little extra special seed and kitchen scraps to the feeders, and enjoy the natural decorations of bright plumage and the carols of birdsong all through the season.

What birding items are on your holiday wish list? Vote in the December poll and let everyone know!

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