Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seed Cents

As any birder knows, supporting a ravenous flock of even small birds can be expensive, particularly once they develop gourmet tastes for pricier seeds. Fortunately, I found a fabulous deal recently and was able to store 100 pounds of black oil sunflower seed for just $40; quite the bargain. The key is to look in unexpected places for bargains -- in this case, our local Sears Grand store is closing and everything is heavily discounted, including birdseed and feeders that are part of the garden center.

Other places to find great discounts include:
  • Nurseries
  • Home improvement stores
  • Pet stores
  • Farm stores
  • Garden centers

At this time of year, sales on birdseed, feeders, and other accessories are common because many birders slow down or cease feeding their backyard birds in the winter and stock moves more slowly. Savvy birders can take full advantage to keep their feathered friends fed at a great price!

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