Monday, October 25, 2010

Snow, Celebrations, and Stocking Up

Today brought a surprise - after an unseasonably warm autumn, the first snowflakes fell across the yard just before noon. While they didn't stick nor did they actually seem to make it all the way to the ground, the sight of them made me glad that two weeks ago I bought a good supply of necessary winter seed. It was a special occasion - celebrating the ninth anniversary of Bill Fenimore's Wild Bird Center in Layton - and a good opportunity to stock up on millet, cracked corn and peanuts. I bought large bags of each, and I'm sure the birds will welcome the supply as winter begins.

The celebration was a good one, as Bill always hosts fine events. Several organizations brought live birds, and I got the most hypnotic looks from a northern saw-whet owl. I've never seen a bird blink so slowly, and I could stare into those eyes for days. Also in attendance were a great horned owl and several diurnal raptors. There were door prizes, refreshments, and as always, fantastic merchandise to tempt even the most budget-conscious birder. In addition to the seed, I bought the stand for my heated bird bath, and my husband did some early holiday shopping that I hope to see underneath the Christmas tree in a couple of months.

Now is the time to stock up on birdseed and to ensure you have the proper equipment to keep your wild birds cared for in the coming winter months. Some birders will change the foods they offer at this time of year, and swapping out a summer bird bath for a winter model is a necessity in my backyard - I'm not quite to that stage yet, but should those flakes return, I soon will be.

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Hey its looking like an frightening owl...

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